Good entry, poorly managed

One thing that I´m working on right now, or should I say, have been working on for quite a while: Holding on to trades a bit longer, letting them mature.

I´m a scalper, so it´s not that I have to have any sleepless nights or so, I´m talking holding on for a couples of minutes longer.

I´d like to share a trade on the Eurex Bobl from this morning.

Right at the Euro cash open, the bonds starts to push up quite fast, and I wait a bit to catch it, so that I don´t get caught at the top on the long side. I wait for a nice pullback and a place to enter, where I know when I´m wrong.

Entry was good, but the management was poor. I got one tick winner, but “lost” 6 ticks. It sounds like I´m greedy, but the problem is that you have to get payed on your good ones.


Watch the trade, it´s an 8 min long recording




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