Trading with discipline

Trading with perfect discipline can be a hard thing to accomplish. I think a lot of traders can agree on that.

I´ve struggled with discipline myself, especially in the beginning of my trading career.
I went to a therapist and later on a trading psychologist for help with my issues and got good help, also with other things like how to remain focused for a longer time and how to get rid of all sorts of bias towards different things.

The thing is, that I never had problems with discipline before my trading career started.
So, why was it so hard for me to be disciplined in just trading?
Is it because I have a gambling issue? No!
Is it because I´m greedy? No!
Is it…….? No!
So, what is it then?

I think it´s about trust.
If you´re trying to trade like someone else or trading according to some system that you´ve not invented yourself, it all comes down to trust.

After I created my own method and setups, it has been a whole world of difference. When I enter a position now, I have a reason to enter, a target and have calculated my risk before I take the trade. The target is set but isn´t fixed, it can change if someting happens when inside of a trade, but I have rules for exiting a trade.
I can now trust my entries and exits and therefore have no problem with discipline anymore.

I think that discipline issues in trading can easily be confused with lack of trust in your setups and strategy.



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