Eliminate Negative Emotions Before, During, and After Trading

  • Do you every once in a while feel fear pulling the trigger?
  • Do you sometimes feel impulsive and feel anxious pressing the trigger?
  • Do you have the tendency to micro manage your very own account and miss out on larger profits?

Those of you that answered yes to most or all of the questions don’t feel bad, you are not alone. Every trader has felt and experienced all these types of negative emotions

Every trader knows that discipline, being able to follow through with your trading plan when appropriate, iscritical to trading success. If in case you have ever run losses, cut profits, overtraded or failed to pull the trigger, or perhaps you want to create greater consistency in your trading then this is the session for you

This Trading hypnosis session was designed to train your mind to begin to let go of fear, doubt, anxiety and stress, along with building clarity and concentration with the intention to enhance your trading skills and abilities.

This will enhance your current capability to continue to remain calm and objective throughout all market conditions to be able to continue to protect profits and minimize losses. It begins to teach your autonomic system (subconscious mind) in your natural ability to remain calm, concentrated and rational, throughout the full waking state to lessen the negative consequences of fear, anxiety and greed.

This session was designed to strengthen effective trading habits and constantly develop your capability to allow yourself the liberty to be objective instead of emotionally charged during your trades . The deep relaxations are going to build muscle memory at the subconscious level, this drastically enhances your stress management skill during a trading session.

This is the part of the trader’s psyche that deals with feeling worthy in continuing to grow an account. This session was designed to bust any type of negative beliefs you might have at the subconscious level which might be working against all your conscious efforts to increase gains in the market. You will get in touch with the part of you that is aware that you do deserve to be successful.

With trading hypnosis you will start to undergo a quietness and tranquility that surpasses the critical mind, even while enabling you to be completely conscious of everything that you have learned throughout any trading rooms or online classes you might have already invested in.
Trading is a challenging and demanding activity. Prolonged periods of fairly intense focus and coping with the ups and downs, there are times that for days on end, place immense strain on your physiology and energy systems, and have an impact on your ability to concentrate, decision making, speed and accuracy. This session provides you with a deeply relaxing and revitalizing experience to enable you to recover and energize so that you can re-enter the markets in top form.

Many individuals have bad trading habits fuelled by ignorance, but also by the clouding effects of emotion along with the inappropriate manner of looking at things.

The moment emotions engulf us we experience what is actually generally known as an `emotional hijacking’. Which means that the more fear or greed or depression you experience around your trading the more complicated it can be to think clearly. The part of your brain which perceives logically (your neo-cortex) is overwhelmed by emotion and loses the capability to function properly. You effectively become more stupid. You have to be cool and in a position to detach when necessary to be a top trader.

This is a guided meditation, visualization and relaxation audio series that will enhance your trading to be more concentrated, relaxed, and to be in a trading zone emotionally for optimum performance.

This is a guided declaration/affirmation audio series which would enable you to reprogram your subconscious with really positive suggestions of who you truly are as a consistent, profitable, super trader.

This package contains 2 Hypnosis session one for the morning and one for bedtime as well as an affirmation session.

Instructions on how to use this will be sent out with the digital audio package


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