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This is the world as I see it nowadays.
I have changed platform from TradeStation to MarketDelta. One reason for this is because I was hooked on Market Profile and MarketDelta seemed to be The platform for this.

TradeStation and I have been the best of friends from the begining, but I have also used Multicharts for a while, when I did forex trading with LMAX. Very happy with Multicharts too.

Two things that I really like with MarketDelta is the footprint and volume profile.
Volume profile gives you a very good feel for which type of participants you´re up against, if you´re closing into a area where you can see there has been a lot of resistance before with plenty of volume , not just wicks and tails from candle charts.  You can practically see who was the most aggressive part in the areas that you´re interested in.
With footprint, you don´t have to watch the T&S the whole time, it´s like T&S has been recorded for you, very nice.

Of course you can have a feel for the market without fancy tools, but volume profiling has really helped me see the context of what is happening, and then all the things I´ve learned from Mark starts to fall into place.

Still a lot to learn, but isn´t that just a great feeling.




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