TT Feed vs Kinetick

Last week I did a post on cutting cost. Unfortunately I was a little bit hasty with my assumptions. Not that you can´t trade without monthly fee, it was more about the quality of the feed.
After reading John Gradys at nobsdaytrading blog post on the difference between Kinetick feed and TT Feed, I contacted Peter Davies at JigsawTrading and Peter gave me the following answer regardning the subject.
” *TTFeed doesn’t attempt to synch the trades with the bid/offer

TTFeed is excellent for order routing and actually very good on bid/ask data also, so if you´re not scalping I don´t think it will matter that much since the volume itself is accurate. It´s just that when you´re scalping, you really want every single tick to be true.

Anyway, I started a Kinetick subscription yesterday and did a comparison myself.
On the right side there´s NinjaTrader with Jigsawtrading Depth&Sales running Kinetick feed and on the left Depth&Sales running on TTFeed. The right side is on a remote server hosted by Netserver-USA and the left is my local machine.
Watch for yourself:  


Peter was nice and sent me the following image, comparing Kinetick and TT feed. Time&Sales, see below.
29-01-2013 21-59-44
When you scalp based on order flow alone, the bid/ask data better be accurate.


*One thing to note is that TT Feed are quite open about this. It is an execution feed and they put priority on keeping you up to date on price, hence they tend to drop messages.



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