“While price is King and what we trade. Consider Market Internals as the Queen, and as we know, the Queen often controls the King!”
/Unknown (pristine.com)

Read a great article on market internals. I´ve never watched the $TRIN indicator before, today I will add it to my charts and see if that can give me another bias edge on future market movements.

I´m not a big fan of indicators, especially not lagging ones, but I tend to like indicators that try to tell you how the market is feeling, like NYSE $TICK. Maybe you can´t trust the TRIN, but there´s no harm watching it for a couple of weeks.
And, I have an empty space on my upper leftmost screen.

Here´s how it looked yesterday, when that beautiful burst to the upside happened. In hindsight it looks perfect, but what doesn´t?













There was more in the article than just about the TRIN, so please read it.