Patient trading in a low volume market

Trading volume is low, ranges can be narrow. That requires a disciplined and patient approach. There’s no reason to waste your hard earned trading capital on marginal trades where your edge is limited. Wait for your setup, if you don’t see anything don’t trade!


I try to look for one trade per day that sets up nicely during Christmas week.
The biggest danger for me are the low volume grinding trend days that have no pullbacks to let you on (or off!) the trend. People are expecting a range bound trade and tend to step in front too soon fuelling the fire and stretching the trend as they get squeezed. I prefer to let the market touch my key level and then show some force back in the other direction before I will take the trade.
This may mean your entries are not quiet as good, but waiting to see the balance tip before entering rather than entering at the actual tipping point as usual will keep you out of serious trouble and help to define your risk more efficiently.

Here’s the video update from last weeks trades:


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