Online Trading Psychology Course By Steve Ward

Do you struggle with trading discipline?

Do you hesitate when you get a trade setup only to watch it go in your direction without you?

Do you over-trade, or get caught trading choppy environments?

Do you get angry, or are easily frustrated when your trading performance is poor?

Do you make a string of great trades only to give it all back on one or two bad trades?

Do you know deep down that psychology is the key and if you could just stick to your rules you’d be profitable?

Do you want to significantly improve your bottom line?


If you answered YES to any of the above then this course is specifically for you

The trading psychology and performance program has been designed by world renowned trading psychology coach Steve Ward. Steve works globally with hedge funds, investment banks, prop firms and asset managers. He teaches the very best traders in the world how to manage their emotions, keep disciplined, focused and perform at a high level.

After many months of requests Steve has now compiled all this knowledge and experience to create an online trading psychology course for independent traders.

Course contents

  • 8 interactive webinars delivered bi-weekly at 8pm UK time
  • Each webinar has 60 minutes of information, insights and practical techniques followed by a Live Q&A session
  • Email support between sessions and after the course has ended
  • Follow-up tasks and activities between sessions to implement what you have learnt
  • A manual/workbook for each of the webinar sessions
  • Pre-course information and learning
  • MP3 recordings of key mental training techniques


“The program teaches you practical, proven strategies and techniques drawn from performance psychology, neuroscience, decision science, mindfulness based approaches and high performance coaching, alongside insights from my experience with working with traders at banks, funds, energy companies and proprietary trading groups across the globe over the last 9 years.” – Steve Ward

Through the program you will….

  • Develop a greater understanding of how you make trading decisions and the factors that affect those decisions
  • Learn about the decision errors traders make, and how to overcome them
  • Develop greater awareness of your own trading ‘self’, and how your personality and motivations impact on your decision making and performance
  • Find out how to create a winning trading mindset by developing performance enhancing beliefs and perceptions around risk, uncertainty, losing, winning, the markets, money, trading, success and yourself
  • Learn how to develop the resilience and toughness required to handle the highs and lows of trading, to deal with winning, losing, setbacks, challenge and change
  • Discover ways to manage your emotions, to be able to manage fear, anxiety, greed, regret and stress more effectively
  • Learn how to develop greater self-control and discipline
  • Discover the real keys to confident and consistent trading
  • Create effective performance habits and behaviors that are key to high performance trading
  • Learn how to use NeuroBehaviouralModelling to change trading behaviors and habits
  • Enhance your cognitive  and emotional fitness through practical mental training exercises

Trader Mind

This is a unique opportunity to finally crack those trading psychology challenges once and for all.

Imagine the trader you can become with new discipline and emotional control…….don’t miss out

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