Join Our Head Traders Each Day As They Trade The Equities Market Live

Look Over Their Shoulder | See Their Screens | Hear What They Think | Watch How They Trade


Live Trading Room

  • All alerts have entry, stop and target posted BEFORE the trade is taken
  • Realtime updates on trade management
  • Hear live audio from our traders
  • See the desktop and screens of our traders.
  • Only trade’s that are being taken by our traders are called
  • 100% Transparency
  • No Hype. No BS
  • All trade’s called are tracked in a spreadsheet
  • Real Time News, Chatter, Movers Live from the Newsdesk Powered by TradeXchange
  • Live trade and market analysis
  • Traders Chat : Chat in real-time with many other traders
  • Daily Morning Gaps and a continually updated Watch list
  • Free educational lessons in room
  • Daily high-probability and low risk profit-generating trade ideas
  • We generally trade Gaps and In-Play Stocks
  • Ability to ask ANY question you want
  • Real Trader’s not Educators
  • Our traders primarily trade small and mid cap stocks as well as major indices

Room is open Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

A typical Day in the trading room:

9-9:30 –  Trader’s review prior days trading action and the market
9-9:30 – Go over gaps and other in-play stocks for the day as we prepare for the market open
9:30 – Market opens
9:30-10 – Opening hour live trading and calls and Realtime Management updates on trades
10:00-12:30 – Secondary Setups and Pullback Trades
12:30-1:15 – Lunch Break
1:15-2:15 –  Afternoon setups and ideas and Review of trades from the day
2:15-4:00– Room open for members to chat and share Ideas ( Occasional Educational Lectures )

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