Hit and run


Every day has the potential to be a trend day, and if you get large gap in the direction of the 5-10 day trend and it’s summer expect one crack at a decent trade. (unless you fancy blindly stabbing at a long or short with no edge)

For me it came after the data, nothing fancy, just the standard data spike, wait for the 1st pullback and then take the trade in teh direction of the trend, scaling out in batches as the market pops to new highs.

The TICKs gave a fantastic entry trigger today, you’d have nailed the bottom of that swing if you bought as the TICKs tagged 0.

That was it for me all day, I tried a nibble short on oil over $81 but it wasn’t going anywhere, so I scratched it out at the close. I’ve set some alerts on it though should it pick up volume later or tomorrow.



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