Day Trading Coach

1 on 1 Private Coaching & Mentoring

For any trader wanting to take their trading to the next level

  • Discover the thinking process the traders use to prepare for the trading day
  • Design your successful trading plan directly with our traders
  • Develop a winning traders mindset and psychology
  • A thorough practice and review of the trading methods
  • Proper evaluation of your trades and trading activity
  • Discover the routines and behaviour of professional traders.
  • Learn how to scan for stocks and manage your account realtime
  • Live Trading Guidance
  • Breakdown of which setups to focus on and which ones to discard
  • Gain confidence in your trading
  • Learn risk management protocols
  • Work on any issue that you are facing.

Primary goal is to make you a profitable and successful trader, there is no more effective form of trading education available anywhere, By working closely with a personal trading coach who has already traveled the difficult path and faced all the challenged in the markets, you will drastically shorten your learning curve and the period of trial and error that most traders suffer through.

Get to work 1 on 1 with our traders and shorten your learning curve.

1 Hour Session $199

5 Hour Session $699

10 Hour Session $1299

Not Current Accepting New Clients